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Software-defined integration of elastic optical networks and cognitive wireless networks in the context of packet services

Wireless networks, such as cellular networks, are in common use.  Their constantly increasing data rates are made possible by their integration with optical networks.  Cognitive wireless networks and elastic optical networks are the newest research topics in the field of these networks.  In the future the integration of the two network types will be software-defined, i.e. performed by custom applications supplied by users, very much like users today run their applications on PCs.  The objective of the project is to develop the theoretical foundations of the software-defined integration of elastic optical networks and cognitive wireless networks taking into account packet services, specifically the Internet.

We plan to develop the architectures and algorithms for software-defined integration which will use efficiently and frugally the resources of the elastic optical networks and cognitive wireless networks in order to provide reliable and advanced packet services, such as mobile virtual private networks of high data rates.  We are going to concentrate on the development of architectures, the evaluation of capabilities and requirements of the software-defined integration, the evaluation and improvement of the efficiency and reliability of the integrated network, and on the implementation of software for solving assorted control and management problems in the integrated network.

As part of the project, the fellowship recipient will collaborate with Prof. Andrzej Pach and work at the Department of Telecommunications of the AGH University of Science and Technology which will foster his scientific development.  The employees of the Department specialize in the fields of the optical and wireless networks which should further stimulate collaboration.

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Jestem pracownikiem Katedry Telekomunikacji AGH w ramach stażu podoktorskiego Narodowego Centrum Nauki, dzięki któremu mam przywilej pracować wyłącznie naukowo.  W centrum moich zainteresowań są sieci optyczne, a dokładnie ich integracja z sieciami bezprzewodowymi.  Doktorat uzyskałem w Instytucie Informatyki Teoretycznej i Stosowanej Polskiej Akademii Nauk w Gliwicach.  Częściowo moje doświadczenie naukowe i programistyczne zdobyłem pracując na uniwersytetach i w firmach w Stanach Zjednoczonych.  Oprócz stypendium NCNu, otrzymałem także stypendium Fulbrighta.

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Ireneusz Szcześniak received the MSc degree in 2002 from the Silesia University of Technology in Gliwice, Poland, and the PhD degree in 2009 from the Institute of Theoretical and Applied Informatics of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Gliwice, Poland for his work on the performance evaluation of optical packet-switched networks. His research interests include optical networks, specifically fixed-mobile integration. He has four years of professional experience working as a computer scientist for companies in the USA. He has published about twenty articles, some in respected journals and conferences, and received several awards, most notably the Polish National Science Center fellowship and the Fulbright fellowship. He serves as a reviewer for IEEE/OSA journals and prestigious international conferences on telecommunication. Dr Szcześniak is a member of IEEE.

October, 2013