Projekty badawcze realizowane przez KT z innym źródłem finansowania:
KT projects financed by other source:

SDNRoute: integrated system supporting routing in Software Defined Networks

The aim of the project is to develop, investigate and implement integrated SDNRoute system. SDNRoute will support routing process in Software Defined Networks (SDN). Nature of the project is analytical, simulation and development, while development is dominant factor. SDNRoute system will periodically define routing policies for each upcoming time window. SDNRoute will utilize information originating from several sources. First of all, data regarding current state of the network provided by the SDN controller.

'GAMA: Gateway to Archives of Media Art'

(EN) GAMA - the gateway to archives of media art - provides an online access to a variety of European media art archives representing a large spectrum of media art. The quality of GAMA thrives on the very specialized focus of the archives and content providers - ranging from historical material of the 1920s to the present, and from nationally and geographically orientated archives to collections focusing on thematic perspectives.

Open Archiving System with Internet Sharing

The project has established a distributed internet platform for research, preservation and documentation of electronic arts. The goal was to provide a complex system in order to ensure the sustainable availability of European cultural heritage in the field of electronic arts.


BroadBand Loop (FP4, ACTS AC038) project was aiming at design, implementation and analysis of the international broadband network, supporting provisioning of the business services in a heterogeneous, wired environment. Three national access networks were deployed(in Danmark, Portugal and Poland), with use of bi-directional PON technique. In the trial network POTS and ISDN services were applied with a granularity of 2 Mbps, while in the final phase, VDSL (with ATM) channels were connected.

Broadband Trial Integration

The Broadband Trial Integration (BTI) project is dealing with the general topic of IPv6 over Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) integration, in particulr for services, wher IPv6 multicast is required for efficient content delivery.

The objectives of BTI are:
* to demonstrate integration of IPv6 and ATM services,
* to interconnect field trials in three European countries:  Denmark, Portugal and Poland,
* to deliver multimedia services to residential users over passive optical access network (PON).