Conference Program

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Monday, April 28
Tuesday, April 29
Wednesday, April 30

Keynote speech
Coffee Break

Session I
Optimized Network Design
Coffee Break

Session II
Quality of Service and Resource Control


Session III
Future Internet
Coffee Break

Session IV
Quality of Experience and Applications

General Assembly

Welcome Reception

Keynote speech

Session V
Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks
Coffee Break

Session VI
Wireless Networks


Session VII
Measurement and Modeling
Coffee Break

Session VIII
Overlay Networks

Trip in Krakow

Conference Banquet

Public Presentation
Conference closing
Coffee break


In details

Monday, April 28, 2008

800-815 Opening of the Conference
815-900 Keynote Speech

Optical Networks: The Road Ahead
Prof. Biswanath Mukherjee, UCDavis, Davis, USA

900-930 Coffee Break
930-1100 Session I: Optimized Network Design

Session Chair: Roberto Sabella, CoRiTel, Italy

930-945 Paper I.1
Designing Two-Level IP Networks Including the Points of Presence
Steven Chamberland, Ecole Polytechnique, Canada
945-1000 Paper I.2
Dynamic Grooming Policy in Groomable WDM Mesh Networks
Huaxiong Yao, Yang Yan, Tan XiansiHuazhong University of Science and technology of China, P.R. China
1000-1015 Paper I.3
Minimizing Installation Costs of Survivable DWDM-Mesh Networks: A Heuristic Approach
Michael Duelli, Christopher Pluntke, Michael Menth, University of Wuerzburg, Germany
1015-1030 Paper I.4
Transit Price Negotiation: Decentralized Learning of Optimal Strategies with Incomplete Information
Dominique Barth, Loubna Echabbi, Chahinez Hamlaoui, University of Versailles-St Quentin, France
1030-1045 Paper I.5
Path Generation for a Class of Survivable Network Design Problems
Mateusz Dzida, Michal Zagozdzon, Michal Pióro, Tomasz Sliwinski, Wlodzimierz Ogryczak, Warsaw University of Technology, Poland
1045-1100 Paper I.6
A Loop-Free Interface-Based Fast Reroute Technique
Gábor Enyedi, Gábor Rétvári, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary
1100-1130 Coffee Break
1130-1300 Session II: Quality of Service and Resource Control

Session Chair: Paul J. Kuehn, Universität Stuttgart, Germany

1130-1145 Paper II.1
Designing Low Cost Access Networks with IPTV Performance Constraints
Steven Chamberland, Ecole Polytechnique, Canada
1145-1200 Paper II.2
Trend Based Bandwidth Provisioning: An Online Approach for Traffic Engineered Tunnels
Sukrit Dasgupta, Jaudelice de Oliveira, Drexel University, USA; Jean-Phillippe Vasseur, Cisco Systems, USA
1200-1215 Paper II.3
Three Methods for Optimizing Single-Shortest Path Routing
Mateusz Dzida, Michal Zagozdzon, Mateusz Zotkiewicz, Warsaw University of Technology, Poland; Mats Petter Petterson, Lund University, Sweden; Michal Pioro, Warsaw University of Technology, Poland; Michael Duelli, Michael Menth, University of Wuerzburg, Germany
1215-1230 Paper II.4
Robust and Reactive Traffic Engineering for Dynamic Traffic Demands
Pedro Casas, TELECOM Bretagne, France; Lionel Fillatre, UTT, France; Sandrine Vaton, ENST Bretagne, France
1230-1245 Paper II.5
The Flushing Mechanism for MBAC in Flow-Aware Networks
Jerzy Domzal, Andrzej Jajszczyk, AGH University of Science and Technology, Poland
1245-1300 Paper II.6
Design and Analysis of Flow Aware Load Balancing Mechanisms for Multi-service Networks
Andres Ferragut, Universidad ORT, Uruguay; Daniel Kofman, Federico Larroca, Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications, France; Sara Oueslati, France Telecom R&D, France
1300-1400 Lunch
1400-1530 Session III: Future Internet

Session Chair: Phuoc Tran-Gia, University of Wuerzburg, Germany

1400-1415 Paper III.1
Hierarchical Routing Architecture (HRA)
Xiaohu Xu, Dayong Guo, Huawei Technologies Co.,Ltd., Germany
1415-1430 Paper III.2
OSN-IX: A Novel Internet eXchange (IX) Architecture based on Overlaid-Star Networks
Peng He, Gregor Bochmann, University of Ottawa, Canada
1430-1445 Paper III.3
An IPv6 Test-bed Implementation for a Future Source Address Validation Architecture
Jun Bi, Jianping Wu, Xing Li, Xiangbin Cheng, Tsinghua University, P.R. China
1445-1500 Paper III.4
The Underlay Abstraction in the Spontaneous Virtual Networks (SpoVNet) Architecture
Roland Bless, Christian Hübsch, Sebastian Mies, Oliver Waldhorst, University of Karlsruhe (TH), Germany
1500-1515 Paper III.5
A Protocol for Event Distribution in Next-Generation Dynamic Networks
Carlos Pinho, José Ruela, INESC Porto, Portugal; Kostas Pentikousis, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Finland; Cornelia Kappler, deZem GmbH, Germany
1515-1530 Paper III.6
Resource Adaptation for Continuous Profit Optimization in Overlay and Virtual Networks
Con Tran, Zbigniew Dziong, Ecole de Technologie Superieure, Canada
1530-1600 Coffee Break
1600-1715 Session IV: Quality of Experience and Applications

Session Chair: Gabriele Kotsis, Johannes Kepler Universität Linz, Austria

1600-1615 Paper IV.1
TCP Limit: A Streaming Friendly Transport Protocol
Felicián Németh, Sándor Molnár, Péter Tarján, Robert Szabo, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary
1615-1630 Paper IV.2
An Economical Cost Model for Fair Resource Sharing in Virtual Home Environments
Alberto García, University of Cantabria, Spain; Andreas Berl, University of Passau, Germany; Karin Hummel, Roman Weidlich, University of Vienna, Austria; Amine Houyou, University of Passau, Germany; Klaus Hackbarth, University of Cantabria, Spain; Hermann de Meer, University of Passau, Germany; Helmut Hlavacs, University of Vienna, Austria
1630-1645 Paper IV.3
Optimized Content Distribution in a Push-VoD Scenario
Sandford Bessler, Telecommunications Research Center Vienna (ftw.), Austria
1645-1700 Paper IV.4
Quality Evaluation of Compressed Panoramic Images Constructed using MPEG-7-Based Image Registration
Andrzej Glowacz, Michał Grega, Piotr Romaniak, Mikolaj Leszczuk, AGH University of Science and Technology, Poland
1700-1715 Paper IV.5
Large Scale Distributed Storage and Search for a Video on Demand Streaming System
Xonia Ivonne Olavarrieta, Alberto Leon-Garcia, University of Toronto, Canada
1730-1900 Euro-FGI General Assembly
1930-2130 Welcome Reception

Collegium Maius of Jagiellonian University
15 Jagiellonska Street
Standing party & guide visit to the museum of the oldest Polish
University (founded at XIV century)

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

800-845 Keynote Speech

Wireless Sensor Networks: Recent Trends and Research Issues
Prof. Michele Zorzi, University of Padova, Padova, Italy

845-1000 Session V: Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks

Session Chair: Vicente Casares-Giner, Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, Spain

845-900 Paper V.1
Near-Optimal Load Balancing in Dense Wireless Multi-Hop Networks
Esa Hyytiä, Telecommunications Research Center Vienna (ftw.), Austria; Jorma Virtamo, Helsinki University of Technology, Finland
900-915 Paper V.2
A Wireless Sensor Network Reliable Architecture for Intrusion Detection
Peter Langendorfer, IHP, Germany; António Grilo, INESC, Portugal; Krzysztof Piotrowski, IHP, Germany; Augusto Casaca, INESC, Portugal
915-930 Paper V.3
Power Aware Smart Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks
Laurence Hey, Imperial College London, United Kingdom
930-945 Paper V.4
Optimal p-persistent MAC Algorithm for Event-driven Wireless Sensor Networks
Javier Vales-Alonso, Esteban Egea-Lopez, Maria Victoria Bueno-Delgado, Jose Luis Sieiro-Lomba, Joan Garcia-Haro, Polytechnic University of Cartagena, Spain
945-1000 Paper V.5
6GLAD: IPv6 Global to Link-layer Address Translation for 6LoWPAN Overhead Reducing
Andre Zimmermann, Jorge Silva, University of Coimbra, Portugal; Joao Bosco Sobral, Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil; Fernando Boavida, University of Coimbra, Portugal
1000-1030 Coffee Break
1030-1200 Session VI: Wireless Networks

Session Chair: Terje Jensen, Telenor, Norway

1030-1045 Paper VI.1
Space Versus Time Separation For Wireless Virtualization On An Indoor Grid
Rajesh Mahindra, Gautam Bhanage, George Hadjichristofi, Ivan Seskar, Dipankar Raychaudhuri, Yanyong Zhang, Rutgers University, USA
1045-1100 Paper VI.2
Evaluation of UML Based Wireless Network Virtualization
Shruti Singhal, George Hadjichristofi, Ivan Seskar, Dipankar Raychaudhuri, Rutgers University, USA
1100-1115 Paper VI.3
An Index Policy for Dynamic Fading-Channel Allocation to Heterogeneous Mobile Users with Partial Observations
José Nino-Mora, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain
1115-1130 Paper VI.4
WiRA: An Approach to Resource Control in WiMAX Systems
Eduardo Cerqueira, Augusto Neto, Marilia Curado, Paulo Mendes, Edmundo Monteiro, University of Coimbra, Portugal; Paulo Mendes, INESC, Portugal
1130-1145 Paper VI.5
Improved CSMA/CA protocol for IEEE 802.11
André Zúquete, University of Aveiro, Portugal
1145-1200 Paper VI.6
A Reactive Approach to QoS Provisioning in IEEE 802.11e WLANs
Filippo Cacace, Giulio Iannello, Massimo Vellucci, Luca Vollero, Universita Campus Bio-Medico, Italy
1200-1300 Lunch
1300-1415 Session VII: Measurement and Modeling

Session Chair: James Roberts, France Telecom, France

1300-1315 Paper VII.1
Measurements on the Feasibility of TCP NAT Traversal in Cellular Networks
Lauri Mäkinen, Helsinki University of Technology, Finland; Jukka Nurminen, Nokia Research Center, Helsinki, Finland
1315-1330 Paper VII.2
Jitter Analysis of Multimedia Streaming Traffic Assuming Batch Arrivals
Péter Zalán, Sándor Molnár, Tamás Eltetö, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary
1330-1345 Paper VII.3
CoV(t)-based Traffic and Queuing Modeling
Ludovic Noirie, Georg Post, Alcatel-Lucent France, France
1345-1400 Paper VII.4
An Open Architecture for Monitoring and Measuring QoS Indicators in Wireless Community Networks
George Parissis, Stamatis Arkoulis, Theodore Apostolopoulos, Athens University of Economics and Business, Greece
1400-1415 Paper VII.5
Identification of Peer-to-peer Applications' Flow Patterns
Andre Couto, António Nogueira, Paulo Salvador, Rui Valadas, University of Aveiro, Portugal
1415-1445 Coffee Break
1445-1545 Session VIII: Overlay Networks

Session Chair: Raphael Rom, Technion, Israel

1445-1500 Paper VIII.1
BitTorrent Based Solution for Efficient Content Sharing on Next Generation Networks
Peter Ekler, Istvan Dévai, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary; Balazs Bakos, Attila Kiss, Nokia Siemens Networks, Hungary
1500-1515 Paper VIII.2
Network Layer Performance in Peer-to-Peer File Sharing Systems
Raffaele Bolla, Roberto Bruschi, Michele Sciuto, University of Genoa, Italy; Krzysztof Pawlikowski, University of Canterbury, New Zealand
1530-1545 Paper VIII.4
Reputation Management for DHT-based Collaborative Environments
Natalya Fedotova, Luca Veltri, University of Parma, Italy
1545-1600 Paper VIII.5
Dynamic Cooperation Enforcement through Trust-based Allocation Policies in P2P Systems
Anna Satsiou, Leandros Tassiulas, University of Thessaly, Greece
1800-1930 Trip in Krakow

Start at The Barbican

1930-2230 Conference Banquet

Aquarius Restaurant
Barge at the foot of the Wawel Castle
NGI 2008 Conference Best Paper Award

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

830-1730 Workshop: Benchmarking Carrier Ethernet Technologies
900-945 Euro-NGI/Euro-FGI/Euro-NF Public Presentation
945-1000 Closing of the conference
Statistics & farewell
1000-1030 Coffee Break
1400-1500 Lunch