Workshop: Benchmarking Carrier Ethernet Technologies

Wednesday April 30th, 2008

Workshop related to next generation network solutions will be co-located with NGI 2008 Conference.

The CELTIC/IWT TIGER project has investigated over last 2 years the progress of Ethernet (IEEE) and PW/MPLS (IETF) technologies for addressing carrier metro-access/metro-aggregation networks and their evolution.

For this purpose, the TIGER project will organize a scientific & technical workshop where the various alternatives attracting carriers/providers interest (e.g. GELS, PBB-TE, PW/MPLS, etc.) will be confronted functionally and the performance benchmarking results obtained for these technologies confronted to each other.

The chairman of the workshop is Dimitri Papadimitriou (Alcatel-Lucent Bell NV).

For researchers interested in attending only the workshop a special Partial Registration packet is prepared. Please register at NGI 2008 Registration webpage.

Workshop Organization

The workshop is organized around two tracks on functional and performance benchmarking, each divided into two sessions.

All sessions are organized 15 minutes presentation followed by 15 minutes of topical discussion.

At the end of the afternoon sessions, an open Scientific and Technical Debate (1 hour) will confront to each other the scientific & technical results obtained by the workshop participants.

Workshop Program

Worskshop materials (Power Point presentations) can be downloaded by clicking the title of the presentaion. They can be used as long as duly referenced.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

830-900 Keynote Speech
900-1000 Morning Session I: Carrier Ethernet Alternatives I
900-930 Presentation MI.1
930-1000 Presentation MI.2
MPLS for Transport Networks (MTN)
1000-1030 Coffee Break
1030-1200 Morning Session II: Carrier Ethernet Alternatives II
1030-1100 Presentation MII.1
1100-1130 Presentation MII.2
1130-1200 Presentation MII.3
Ethernet Bridging (MSTP, SPB/PLSB)
1215-1345 Afternoon session I: Scientific and Technical Results I
1215-1245 Presentation AI.1
1245-1315 Presentation AI.2
1315-1345 Presentation AI.3
Ethernet Bridging (MSTP, SPB/PLSB)
1400-1500 Lunch Break
1500-1600 Afternoon session II: Scientific and Technical Results II
1500-1530 Presentation AII.1
1530-1600 Presentation AII.2
MPLS for Transport Networks (MTN)
1600-1700 Open Scientific and Technical Debate

5 S&T Leaders (one per technology)

TIGER representative as the moderator/animator

1700-1730 Conclusion

Workshop Outcome: Scientific report on the state-of-the-art of Carrier Ethernet technologies performance